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Month: September 2023

The Cocktail Box Co.’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit Review

Cocktail Box Co. Old Fashioned cocktail kit with camping cocktails and a bottle of Maker's Mark at a campsite.

We’ve said it before, but everything seems to taste better in the outdoors. A mediocre meal at home turns into a gourmet masterpiece when cooked over a fire and eaten in the shadows of snowy mountain peaks. A dehydrated meal earns Michelin stars after knocking out 15 miles on the trail. And this truth seems to multiply when it comes to camping cocktails – they taste better than at home.

A cold beer hits harder in the great outdoors.  A glass of wine (even if from a box and served in an enamel mug) exudes a feeling of luxury at the campsite. And if you’re willing to put in the extra work, a cocktail, prepared deep in wild spaces, can be otherworldly.

The problem with camping cocktails is both the amount of items you need to bring along to craft a good cocktail and the effort it takes to make them.  This extra work leads most outdoor enthusiasts to leave the fancy cocktails at home and drink something simpler while at the campsite.  Fortunately, The Cocktail Box Co’s Cocktail Kits make it effortless to craft camping cocktails in the outdoors.  These kits provide everything you need (minus the booze) to make the perfect camping cocktail in minutes.

The Background

We first discovered The Cocktail Box Co Cocktail Kits on a stroll through our local REI last year. The eye-catching design and handy tin packaging of these cocktail kits caught our eye.  We’re always on the hunt for outdoor gear and products that make time spent outdoors more enjoyable and these kits fit the bill.  We knew we had to pick one up to try for our upcoming 5-day camping trip in the mountains of southwestern Colorado.

Available in 10 different cocktails (see the list below), these kits provide everything you need – as well as some awesome extras – to allow you to make craft cocktails anywhere.  You just bring the alcohol and the cocktail kit does the rest.  Well actually, YOU do the rest, but the cocktail provides everything you need.

Available Cocktail Box Co Kits:

  • Manhattan
  • Mojito
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Mai Tai
  • Moscow Mule
  • Margarita
  • Champagne Cocktail
  • Old Fashioned
  • Sazerac
  • Daiquiri

I love whiskey cocktails and chose the Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit to try.  With the convenient tin in hand, I could already imagine the taste of a craft cocktail hitting my tastebuds out in the middle of nowhere – and I was all for it.

The Cocktail Box Co’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit Specs

  • Includes everything but the Whiskey
  • Makes 6 cocktails
  • Developed & tested by skilled mixologists
  • Kit includes
    • aromatic bitters
    • orange-flavored bitters
    • grapefruit flavored bitters
    • sugar cubes
    • 3 cocktail picks
    • muddler spoon
    • linen coaster
  • Cost: $22.99 USD

Crafting Camping Cocktails in the Wild

Having been the one from our group to discover The Cocktail Box Co’s cocktail kits, I was on mixology duties during our trip.  I was a bit anxious when the time arrived to break open the cocktail kit and start making drinks.  I have tried all-in-one kits before and they always seem to compromise quality for convenience.  I had brought along a bottle of Maker’s Mark to use for my Old Fashioned so if the kit was underwhelming, at least we would be drinking a decent whiskey.

The Cocktail Box Co's Old Fashioned cocktail kit opened showing all of the included ingredients to make camping cocktails.
Each item of the kit feels more luxurious than they need to be which adds to the overall experience of using the kit.

Opening The Tin

When I first opened the cocktail kit, I was encouraged by what I saw.  A small tin contained 6 sugar cubes – one for each drink the kit is rated to make. A mini bottle of aromatic bitters sat next to it with two even smaller bottles beside.  A tiny bottle of grapefruit bitters and a tiny bottle of orange bitters – both invoking confidence in me that this kit didn’t leave out the details.  Also inside the tin were 3 stainless steel cocktail picks, a muddler spoon, and a cocktail napkin.  Each of these items felt more luxurious than they needed to be which added to the overall experience of using the kit. Finally, an instruction booklet detailed how to make the drinks.

Making Camping Cocktails

The included elements of The Cocktail Box Co's Old Fashioned cocktail kit .
Each item of the kit is easy to use – making it simple to make delicious craft cocktails anywhere.

With the included instructions, making the cocktails was easy.  The steps are clear and well-written leaving little room for error.  The cocktail picks, muddler spoon, and linen napkin/coaster made me look better at mixing cocktails than I am.

Camping has a tendency to make otherwise mundane things fun.  Cooking is typically a chore when at home, but becomes an adventure in a makeshift camp kitchen. Making and tending a fire is something I look forward to each time I stay under the stars.  I’d include making craft cocktails in this list.  The kit made it super fun to spend a few moments crafting something extraordinary and luxurious.  Our group felt lucky to be receiving such fancy drinks as they were “roughing it”. I felt lucky to have the chance to make something special for everyone.

Each item of the kit is easy to use – making it simple to follow the instructions. The only issue we had was getting the 3-4 dashes out of the grapefruit and orange bitter bottles.  These tiny bottles with a small amount of flavored bitters inside are difficult to get anything to come out of the cap.  The restrictive top doesn’t cause the liquid inside to drip as the larger bottle does – making it impossible to add dashes to our drinks as required.  To solve this dilemma – I ended up inserting one of the cocktail picks into the top of the cap to release a few drops in each drink.  While not a deal-breaker and easily solvable, this was the only imperfection of an otherwise perfect kit.

The value of The Cocktail Box Co’s Cocktail kits isn’t just in the end product they create, but also in the experience of making the end product. The kit made it fun to make cocktails – especially in remote wilderness – and the high-end ingredients and utensils bring a surprising amount of confidence to whoever is fortunate enough to make the cocktails.

The Verdict

Once our Old Fashioned cocktails were made and had rested for the requisite 2 minutes (for the flavors to be released), we took our first sips.  Perhaps we were under the influence of nature, but everyone in our group loved them.  The end result of this kit is an Old Fashioned cocktail that is properly balanced, perfectly sweetened, and complex.  They are the perfect drink to end a long day outdoors as you sit by the fire.  These camping cocktails are as good as an Old Fashioned you’d make at home and could compete with the offering from your local bar.  Astonishingly……they were that good.

Over the duration of our trip, The Cocktail Box Co’s cocktail kit produced 6 Old Fashioned cocktails for our group.  After 6 cocktails, we ran out of sugar cubes but had plenty of bitters still available in each of the mini bottles.  In fact, although we had followed the instructions perfectly, we still had half of our bottles of bitters left.  You could probably pick up some additional sugar cubes and make even more cocktails with this kit – and we will.

What We Loved:

  • Makes a really good Old Fashioned cocktail
  • Real Ingredients
  • Awesome experience
  • Makes you feel like a mixologist
  • Carrying tin and linen coaster are smart additions

What We Didn’t Love:

  • Pricey when you consider the need to also buy alcohol
  • Flavored bitter bottles are difficult to pour/drop
  • Only makes 6 drinks (though adding sugar cubes may provide more)

The Cocktail Box Co's Old Fashioned cocktail kit positioned in front of a mountain background.

The Bottom Line

We loved The Cocktail Box Co’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit. I really enjoyed using the kit to make the cocktails.  The process was fun and made me feel like I was a proper mixologist.  The cocktails this kit produces are top-notch and as good as any Old Fashioned you’ll find in most bars.  Overall, the cocktail kit is high-quality with detailed touches that make it special.  While we can’t speak to the company’s other cocktail kits, add this “Old Fashioned” kit to your next trip and you’ll have 6 of the best camping cocktails you’ve ever had.

At $22, these cocktail kits will add an extra expense to your trip budget.  But we think picking up one of these kits for a trip can level up your drink game in a big way. The cocktails these kits create are a luxury – a special privilege reserved for a special meal or after a long day of outdoor fun.  You should still bring along your everyday drinks – the cold beer and boxed wine – but also add a Cocktail Kit to treat yourself to some amazing camping cocktails when the time is right.

Happy Camping

Nomadix Original Towel Review

Nomadic Original Towel hanging on an OVS Side Shower Room
The Only Towel You’ll Ever Need?

When it comes to outdoor activities, towels often get overlooked when packing. Traditional cotton towels can take up a lot of space inevitably leading you to question if they’re really needed.  But when you do have the space, having a towel along on a camping, kayaking, or hiking trip can be a welcome luxury.  The Nomadix towel is a packable towel that might just make it into your bag on your next outdoor excursion.

The Original Towel from Nomadix isn’t a traditional towel. Nomadix’s tagline is that it’s the “Only Towel You Need” and they claim it’s perfect for the beach, pool, travel, camping, yoga, and more.  We brought along a Nomadix Original Towel on all of our summer adventures.  This towel accompanied us while we kayaked the Colorado River, camped in Southwestern Colorado, and sailed to Catalina Island with a number of summer pool days in between.

The Nomadix Original Towel Specs

  • Dimensions: 72.5″ x 30″
  • Made with post-consumer recycled plastics
  • Available in a ton of colorful designs
  • Super absorbent
  • Quick-drying
  • Odor-resistant
  • Packs small
  • Lightweight
  • Sand-resistant
  • Cost: $39.95

Nomadix Original Towel

Perfect for Beach, Pool, Travel, Camping, Yoga – Made with Recycled Materials – Super Absorbent – Sand Resistant – 72.5×30
See It



A Little Background

A closeup of the microterry fabric of the Nomadix Original Towel
A closeup of the microterry fabric of the Nomadix Original Towel

At Outward Spaces, we’re big on outdoor products that are responsibly made and environmentally thoughtful.  We started our company to help more people fall in love with the outdoors – believing that when we connect deeply with nature we also will work harder to protect it. Nomadix towels first caught our attention as a product made of recycled materials.  We spend a lot of time on the ocean and are particularly concerned about the abundance of plastics that end up floating around in it.  We’ve been on sailing trips without land or other boats in sight and have run across more plastic there than we care to remember.  Needless to say, we’re interested in outdoor products that reduce our reliance on plastics – especially those that use recycled plastics for something new.

As we spend a lot of time outdoors, we have also grown tired of grabbing our towels from home for camping, paddling, or sailing trips.  These traditional cotton towels from home do the job, but they are usually bulky, take a long time to dry, and don’t add much to our outdoor experience. We liked the idea of picking up some dedicated towels for our outdoor adventures. So we purchased a Nomadix Original Towel (in the Stripes Retro design) for an upcoming kayaking trip.  The packability and quick drying features were ideal for our time on the water and they gave us the opportunity to see how they performed in the wild and if they added enough value to justify the $40 price tag.

Kayaking with the Nomadix Towel

The first challenge of our kayaking trip was to fit all of our gear into a small 10L dry bag that would keep it all safe and dry during our journey.  Fortunately, the Nomadix towel is lightweight and highly packable.  It took up much less room than a traditional towel would have leaving plenty of room for all of our gear. The original towel is made of micro-fibers that are 4x more absorbent than cotton towels.  This means that less (towel bulk) is more (absorbency).

During our trip down the Colorado, we faced 100+ degree temperatures.  The only relief from the heat was to constantly splash ourselves with the 50-degree water.  We were soaked and when it was time to stop (for lunch or to head back to our car), the towel quickly and easily wicked the water from our clothes. An added benefit of having the Nomadix towel on our trip was using it to drape over our bare legs to keep us from getting sunburnt.  Our this trip in the Arizona desert, the sun was relentless, and using the towel to cover our legs was a lifesaver.  Like the rest of our clothes, we would wet the towel to keep it cool as we paddled.  Even when soaking wet, the Nomadix original towel didn’t feel overly heavy or bulky.  And though, as advertised, it dried more quickly than the rest of our clothes, a quick splash would cool it again.

Three people side by side in inflatable kayaks on the Colorado River
A photo of our kayaking crew with me in front using the Nomadix Original Towel to shield my legs from the sun.

Camping with the Nomadix Towel

Shower setup of an overland trailer while camping with a Nomadix Towel hanging
With the attached hanging loop, the Nomadix Towel can be hung to dry just about anywhere.

We prefer to boondock when we camp and love to use the outdoor shower of our overland trailer. Our roof rack-mounted OVS shower room is perfect for extending our camping trips by taking showers as long as our water will last. The Nomadix towel was an awesome addition to our shower setup.  The hanging loop in the middle edge of the towel made it easy to hang the towel directly on our shower room for easy access.  After we showered, the original towel dried us off quickly, and when hung back up it dried quickly.  With two of us showering almost daily (a nice luxury) we never grabbed a cold wet towel.  The Nomadix towel was always dry and ready to dry us off again.

Now having used the original towel on two trips, we enjoyed the pop of color that our retro-striped Nomadix towel added to our outdoor activities.  It sounds ridiculous, but it really did add some fun to our time on the water and in the mountains.  The design options that Nomadix offers are too numerous to list and they are constantly coming out with new designs.  With so many available designs, anyone should be able to find a Nomadix towel that fits their unique style and adds a little color joy to their adventures.

Sailing with the Nomadix Towel

For our final trip of the summer, we sailed our 46-foot sailboat from San Diego to Catalina Island. Again our Nomadix towel dried us off (and dried itself) quickly after getting out of the ocean or showering.  The hanging hook let us hang it anywhere we needed quick and easy access to it and allowed it to dry quickly.  Some in our group used the towel to lay on while sunbathing as well.

What We Love About the Nomadix Original Towel

A retail display of Nomadix towels in many different designs.
Just a few of the many Nomadix original towel designs.

It’s fun! – The bright colors and creative designs add some character to your adventures. Because the designs are printed and not dyed, the colors won’t bleed when washed – meaning the bright colors will last.

It’s packable – We love how compact the Nomadix towel is when folded.  It easily packed away in our bags and saved room for other gear.

The hanging loop – While not necessarily revolutionary, we love the built-in hanging loop of the Nomadix towel.  The small nylon cord of the loop is reinforced with extra stitching and fabric to ensure it lasts.  To aid its quick-drying, this towel is meant to be hung up and Nomadix does a great job of reinforcing this by making it easy.

It’s made of recycled materials – As we mentioned above, we LOVE that this towel is made of post-consumer recycled plastics.  According to Nomadix, each original towel uses 30 plastic bottles in its production.  We’d rather have used plastic water bottles used to make these towels than see them bob around the oceans.

What We Don’t Love About the Nomadix Original Towel

It’s pricey – A traditional cotton towel costs between $10-$15.  At $40, this towel costs 3x more. We understand why it’s more expensive, but the higher cost may not make sense for some.

The fabric takes some time to get used to – Its microterry fabric feels less soft and more rubbery than traditional cotton towels.  The feel of the towel took us some time to warm up to, but the super-absorbent, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and lightweight features make up for it.  You don’t buy this towel because it’s the softest – you buy it because it performs in ways traditional towels can’t.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot to love about the Nomadix Original Towel.  In our tests, it did what it claims to do.  It absorbs water well and dries more quickly than cotton towels. It’s made of 30 recycled plastic water bottles which would otherwise be in landfills or the oceans. The attached hanging loop makes it easy to hang up this towel just about anywhere ensuring it dries thoroughly and quickly.

The packability of this towel is arguably its best feature.  It takes up about half the space of a traditional towel when packed making it ideal for outdoor activities where space is a premium.  We love it for camping, hiking, paddling, and watersports.

Folded Nomadix towel next to a folded cotton towel.
The Nomadix original towel folds and packs much smaller than a typical cotton towel.

The cheery on top is the awesome and colorful designs.  With so many designs to choose from, you can find one that fits your style.  It will add some fun and a splash of color to your adventures.

As far as value, we don’t think everyone will find the $40 cost worth it.  For those exploring the outdoors on a budget, a towel from home will get the job done, it is just not as high-tech or as much fun as the Nomdaix Original Towel.  But for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, we think the Nomadix Original Towel is the perfect dedicated adventure towel.  If you spend a lot of time in or near the water, you’ll appreciate the advanced features of this towel.  For many adventurers, the lightweight and packable qualities alone are worth the $40 expense. Even if you’re not a hardcore outdoorsmen, the bright and stylish designs make anything a bit more fun and you’ll get a high-performing towel out of the deal.

While it may not be for everyone, we’re glad Nomadix is around.  Their commitment to the environment is encouraging and they are consistently coming out with new products that fit their recycled, high-performing, outdoors-focused niche – which we happen to love.

Happy Exploring.


Nomadix Original Towel

Perfect for Beach, Pool, Travel, Camping, Yoga – Made with Recycled Materials – Super Absorbent – Sand Resistant – 72.5×30
See It



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A Base Layer that Doesn’t Stink: A Review of the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve

A man and a woman wearing Alpine Fit's long sleeve base layers with snow skis next to them.

Finding the right apparel for outdoor activities can be tough. Browsing through the multitude of specialty outdoor apparel items at some of the major retailers can lead to despair over the high-tech features and even higher prices.  Do you really need to spend your life savings on specialized apparel for the outdoor activities you enjoy? There’s no question that outdoor activities place different demands on clothing. But with so many choices on the market – each with its own trademarked marketing jargon – it can be overwhelming to choose which outdoor apparel to invest in.

Alpine Fit logoEnter Alpine Fit, a US-based company with a fresh take on outdoor apparel. Headquartered in Alaska, Alpine Fit is a female-founded and female-operated activewear apparel company with a simple mission:

Create comfortable, resilient outdoor gear that accommodates and celebrates adventurers of all different shapes and sizes.

Alpine Fit produces a range of high-quality and thoughtful base layers and their products are designed to work for multiple activities.  While their products aren’t cheap, they are designed to be useful in a variety of activities and weather bringing tremendously more value than that specialty jacket you wear only once a year.  Base layers are an important part of the layering of clothing that allows outdoor adventurers to be prepared for the worst of weather, but also is a system that’s flexible enough to shed layers as temperatures rise.  In other words, Alpine Fit’s base layers are built to be flexible and work often.

Visit the Alpine Fit Website to Learn More

The Company

When Alpine Fit asked us to test their men’s and women’s long-sleeve base layers, to say we were intrigued would be an understatement.  There’s a lot to love about the Alpine Fit story. Alpine Fit is proudly female-run and their courage to start up a new company in the context of a male-dominated outdoor apparel industry is both admirable and inspiring. Undoubtedly they have much to offer to the outdoor apparel industry – specifically an emphasis on outdoor clothing that fits real body types, both male and female.  Alpine Fit is also a part of 1% For the Planet – donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental partners – and they are also Climate Neutral Certified. They are also proud to say that all of their products are made in the USA, with many being made locally in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Products

But it’s not just the company that’s cool, their products are pretty interesting as well.  Both of the long sleeve base layers (the men’s “Treeline” and the women’s “Rendezvous Ridge”) they sent us are made of a unique silver-infused fabric that is odor-resistant. They are also rated as UPF 50+ for sun protection and made from 69% recycled polyester. Maybe the most interesting feature of Alpine Fit’s base layers is that they each come in two different fits for different body styles. The Men’s Treeline Long Sleeve is available in either a granite fit with more room at the waist or in a cinder fit with a narrower waist. The women’s Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve is available in either the wild iris fit designed for a more straight/square frame shape or in an azalea fit designed for bodies with more volume through the bust or hips than the waist.  To help you choose which fit is right for you, Alpine Fit has a dedicated “Your Alpine Fit” page complete with measurements and steps to determine your proper fit.  They also offer a Fit Quiz on the page which makes the decision-making process as easy as answering a few questions.  It’s clear that Alpine Fit’s products are feature-heavy, incredibly thoughtful, and devoted to being as inclusive as possible.

First Impressions


Screenprinted logo on the Alpine Fit apparel packaging
The base layers arrived from Alpine Fit in hand-printed packaging – a unique touch.

Alpine Fit sent us both the Men’s Treeline Long Sleeve and the Women’s Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve.  The shirts arrived in thoughtful and creative packaging that reflected a boutique feel and personal touch.  The outer packaging was a standard large brown envelope but with Alpine Fit branding hand screen-printed on the front.  The logo print was imperfect, hinting that it wasn’t mass-produced by a machine.  Inside the envelope, the shirts were wrapped neatly in white tissue paper secured by a “Thank You!” sticker.  Overall, the packaging had a “personal touch” feel to it that was a nice departure from the plastic bags and “too-perfect” packaging of the big brands.

The Shirts

Our first impression of the shirts was positive.  They are made of a fabric that feels like you’d expect performance fabric to feel.  It’s soft and of medium weight.  The seams of the shirts are larger than typical shirt seams and they look to have more stitching per inch than we had expected.  Having a shirt in each of the 2 color options offered by Alpine Fit, we really liked the look of both. They are subtle with a little bit of fun without being loud and obnoxious. On the subject of a little bit of fun, the shirts have a panel on the right arm with a different design.  At first glance, we felt camo vibes from the unique sleeve panel, but after a closer look, it became clear that the pattern was a swirl of watercolors that we thought was a fun and creative touch.

The Alpine Fit logo tag on the Men's Treeline Long Sleeve
The Alpine Fit logo tag on the Men’s Treeline Long Sleeve


  • ionic+® antimicrobial silver fiber fabric for odor control
  • quick-drying
  • UPF 50+ for sun protection
  • Available in 2 colors (Misty Bering Sea Blue & Winter Moss Green)
  • Fit options for different body proportions (Cinder/Granite fits for men, Wild Iris/Azalea fits for Women)
  • Custom prints on the right sleeve
  • Great for hiking, biking, running, kayaking, packrafting, camping, hunting…
  • Made in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Price: $129

Putting the Alpine Fit Long Sleeves to the Test

We brought the shirts along for a 5-day camping trip to the mountains of Southwestern Colorado.  We wore our Alpine Fit Base Layers almost exclusively to see how they performed in various activities and how they held up over the duration of our trip.  Beyond how they fit and felt to live in for a few days, we were most interested in testing out the odor-resistant feature of the shirts. Overall, we hoped to determine whether the $129 cost of the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Base Layers was a good value.

At Outward Spaces, we’re interested in removing barriers that keep more people from enjoying the outdoors and we’re sensitive to the fact that the high cost of outdoor gear is a significant barrier for many.  We also acknowledge that truly great products often are expensive for a multitude of very valid reasons like advanced technology, additional features, and more durable materials.  As we review products like the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Base Layer, we’re looking to determine if the balance of quality, performance, and cost deems the product a good value.

A man and a woman wearing their Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Base Layers while camping in Southwestern Colorado.
My wife and I wore our Alpine Fit Long Sleeves for an entire 5-day camping trip in Southwestern Colorado.

Wearing the Alpine Fit 24 Hours a Day

At our campsite location, the daytime temperatures hovered in the low 80s while dropping into the low 50s at night.  This left us putting off and putting on layers throughout a typical day.  The UPF 50+ sun protection of Alpine Fit Long Sleeve base layers kept us from getting burned from the midday sun while wicking sweat easily and quickly with its quick-dry fabric.  As the sun set and the temperatures dropped, throwing a sweatshirt over our Alpine Fit base layer, allowed for an easy transition for evenings around the campfire. At bedtime, the Alpine Fit base layers kept us plenty cozy as temperatures dipped. My wife expressed that she “was able to wear it in warmer temperatures and stay cool, and in colder temperatures and stay warm.”

The Alpine Fit Fit

We loved the way our Alpine Fit Long Sleeve fit.  My granite fit Treeline Long Sleeve fit snugly but was soft and comfortable enough to wear nonstop.  My wife’s take on the fit of her Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve summarizes it well:

It was soft on my skin just the right amount of thickness without feeling too heavy. I was able to wear it as a regular shirt and feel comfortable and stylish. As a curvy woman with a big chest, it was stretchy enough to make me feel comfortable and not constricted.

The bottom line is that the Alpine Fit Long Sleeves are super comfy.  Imagine a cross between your favorite soft long-sleeve shirt and a performance compression shirt.  It feels supportive, but flexible and non-restrictive.

Close up of the collar of the Alpine Fit Men's Treeline Long Sleeve
Close up of the collar of the Alpine Fit Men’s Treeline Long Sleeve

Did It Stink?

After wearing the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve base layers throughout our camping trip, the biggest question we had was did we stink?  For 5 days and 4 nights, we lived in our Alpine Fit base layers.  We cooked meals in them.  We hiked and fished in them.  We lit and enjoyed campfires in them.  We slept in them.  We did our best to put our best stink on these shirts – something we’re normally pretty good at.

At our trip neared its end, we took turns smelling each other to see if Alpine Fit’s odor-resistant claim of these base layers held up. Surprisingly, we both smelled great.  While there were traces of the smells of our activities, the overwhelming smell of these shirts was always that new shirt (or freshly laundered) smell.  My wife said it well, “We were able to wear the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve for several days straight without feeling dirty, grimy, or smelly.” It seems strange to get excited about how a shirt can ward off body odor and other smells while wearing, but those who spend a lot of time outdoors understand how valuable this can truly be.  Imagine only having to pack one shirt instead of numerous on a backpacking trip.  The combination of the ability to wear this long sleeve shirt in just about any condition and its resistance to odors makes it extremely versatile potentially offering the value of numerous pieces of clothing in one shirt.

What We loved

  • View of the custom watercolor sleeve panel on the Alpine Fit Men's Treeline Long Sleeve base layer.
    The custom designed sleeve panels give the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve a fun, creative, and stylish touch.

    They are super flexible – can be worn for all types of outdoor activities

  • It smells great even after several days of intense activity
  • The fit was perfect (Granite for me, Azalea for my wife)
  • The custom arm panels with the watercolor design
  • The ability to wear one shirt for an entire trip if needed

The Bottom Line

The Alpine Fit Treeline (Men’s) or Rendezvous Ridge (Women’s) Long Sleeve are stylish and flexible with technology that works.  The quick-drying, sun-protective, and odor-resistant fabric truly makes these base layers capable of being worn all trip long – saving packing space and hassles of multiple items of clothing.  The base layer’s ability to avoid picking up body and activity odors is remarkable.  No one will know you’ve just climbed a mountain in this shirt – it will dry fast and smell like new even after putting it through the paces.  While it’s not cheap, we think they are worth every bit of their $129 price if you need to pack light and plan to wear them throughout your trip.

On top of performing extremely well, they are comfortable, look great, and are produced by a trail-blazing group of women here in the US.  There’s a lot to love about the Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Base Layers.  From the moment you receive the thoughtful packaging to the last day of a long outdoor adventure, we’re confident you’ll love the fit and performance of these base layers.  The Alpine Fit Long Sleeves truly are base layers that “don’t stink”.

And if you do choose to pick one up, you’ll sleep well knowing that you helped support one of the “little guys” fighting a difficult battle against the large outdoor retailers we all know well.  In this case, the “little guy” happens to be a group of badass women working hard to deliver quality and creative outdoor apparel to the market.

You can purchase these long sleeve base layers directly from Alpine Fit:

Alpine Fit Men’s Treeline Long Sleeve

Alpine Fit Women’s Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve

Happy Exploring!


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From Backpacks to Pockets: A Review of the Vapur Flexible Water Bottle

Woman drinking water from a Vapur collapsible water bottle while on a hike.

In a world where environmental sustainability is increasingly on our minds – reusable water bottles are everywhere. As concerns about single-use plastic waste continue to mount, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives has never been higher. Stainless steel and hard plastic water bottles dominate the reusable water bottle market.  These bottles are durable and will last for years, but are typically heavy and their rigid form leaves a bit to be desired for those who need more flexibility in their water storage.

Vapur logoAgainst a myriad of beautiful stainless steel and hard plastic water bottles, a different solution has emerged – the Vapur Water Bottle.  The Vapur Water Bottle is a flexible plastic water bottle that when filled can adapt to all sorts of spaces and when empty can collapse to a tiny factor for easy storage. It’s a completely different water to think about reusable water bottles and for those who spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities, we think it’s a game changer.

We recently purchased the Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle to put it to the test during a number of outdoor activities.  The increased flexibility of a collapsible water bottle intrigued us as a water bottle that we might use a lot more often when outdoors.  As with all of our reviews at Outward Spaces, we’re primarily interested in the value of outdoor products. Will they enhance the outdoor experience?  Are they priced in a way that makes them realistically accessible to the masses?  Are they a product that truly makes life easier for outdoor enthusiasts or are they just a unnecessary gimmick to be avoided?

Vapur Water BottleVapur Collapsible Water Bottle Specs

  • 23 Ounces (.70 liter)
  • 11.5″ tall
  • 5.75″ wide
  • Wide-mouth “Super Cap”
  • Foldable
  • Freezable
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Attachable with included carabiner
  • Freezable

Putting the Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle to the Test

We originally discovered the Vapur collapsible water bottle when researching necessary gear for our kayaking trip down the Colorado River this past summer.  Planning to paddle in 100+ heat, we knew we needed to bring along a good amount of water for each person and worried about a large, inflexible water container to do the job.  We’d be in kayaks all day and wanted the security to know that our water storage containers wouldn’t roll around our kayaks uncontrollably while we ventured downriver.  Instead, we wanted water bottles that better adapted to the spaces we had. A quick search for “collapsible water bottles” on Amazon displayed a long list of untraditional water bottles, but the Vapur water bottle stood out as the most flexible, inexpensive, and interesting option. We ordered a couple (the Malibu Teal and Night Blue colors) and looked forward to seeing how they would perform.

Materials and Durability

Vapur Water Bottle PackagingWhen our Vapur bottles arrived, we were surprised at how well-built they seemed to be.  The plastic was indeed flexible – think of a super thick plastic bag – and the empty bottle could be rolled up into a size of only a few inches to pack away easily.  The Vapur bottle has a hard plastic flip-up top for drinking and includes a small plastic carabiner for connecting to a bag or hanging the water bottle.  The overall design is slick.  The Vapur bottle looks great with minimal, but clean branding.  We especially liked the dark “Night Blue” color variation with its orange accents – though out of concern for the extra heat the dark color may absorb, we purchased the lighter Malibu Teal variation as well.

The Vapur bottle is made of BPA-free polyethylene and its flexible plastic body is thick enough to give you confidence that it won’t puncture or leak easily.  It’s dishwasher-safe and freezable – proof of durability.  Its wide mouth “Super Cap” flips up to drink, but snaps back to seal the bottle.  It’s available in 23 different color variations to fit your unique style.  Vapur claims that the bottle’s matte finish will patina beautifully over time – though this sounds like clever marketing language to us.

On the Water

Beyond its ability to adapt and transform to constantly moving spaces like our inflatable kayaks, one great feature of the Vapur bottle is that it can be frozen.  On the night before our kayaking trip to the Arizona desert, we froze our Vapur water bottles and woke up to them frozen solid.  The ability to freeze our Vapur bottles provided cold drinking water through most of the day – a luxury that we’re sure a lot of our fellow kayakers didn’t have.  The Vapur bottles froze easily and did not leak once thawed – though we made sure to not fill them fully to leave some headroom for the expansion of the ice.

Throughout our trip, the Vapur water bottles performed as expected.  We could throw them in the front or backs of our kayaks without worry about damaging them.  The flexible plastic allowed for the water to move around keeping the water bottles in place even during times of instability.  When we took breaks on shore, we quickly stashed our Vapur bottles in our dry bags or clipped the carabiners to a ring on our backpacks.

The bottles are surprisingly easy to drink from – though the sensation of holding the flexible bag is strange at first when compared to drinking from a hard plastic or stainless water bottle.  The flip-up “Super Cap” is easy to flip up for drinking and stays securely in place when storing. When we finished our trip, we simply rolled up our empty Vapur bottles and slid the carabiner around the rolled bag keeping it all in a tight small bundle that can easily stowed in a pocket or thrown in a bag.

Collapsible water bottles compared
The Vapur Water Bottle (top right) compared to other collapsible water bottles

Lightweight and Space-Saving Advantages

The standout advantage of the Vapur Flexible Water Bottle is its feather-light weight and space-saving capabilities. When filled with water, it carries the fluid you need without adding unnecessary bulk to your bag. However, it’s when the bottle is emptied that its true charm emerges – it collapses down, allowing you to save valuable space for other essentials. This minimalist approach to design proves that efficient hydration doesn’t have to come at the cost of convenience or environmental responsibility.

Portability: From Backpacks to Pockets

In a fast-paced world where mobility is paramount, the ability to carry essentials without hassle is a top priority. The Vapur Flexible Water Bottle steps up to the plate with a design that seamlessly transitions from backpacks to pockets, making it an ideal companion for those on the move.

Backpack-Friendly Design

For avid adventurers, commuters, and travelers alike, the Vapur bottle presents superior convenience. Its collapsible nature allows it to conform to the contours of your backpack, optimizing space without compromising on hydration capacity. Whether you’re traversing rugged trails, navigating city streets, or embarking on cross-country journeys, the Vapur bottle effortlessly adapts to your backpack’s dimensions, ensuring that you stay hydrated without any added bulk.

On a recent camping trip, we brought our Vapur water bottles along for a hike.  When full, the water bottles could be thoughtlessly thrown into our backpacks of clipped on our front straps for easy access.  As emptied, the lightweight design of the Vapur bottles left our packs feeling feather-light as we hiked home.

Pocket-Sized Comfort

The pocketability of the Vapur Flexible Water Bottle is a marvel in itself. Gone are the days of bulky water bottles awkwardly jostling in your pocket. The Vapur bottle’s collapsible design ensures that it conforms to the available space, comfortably settling into pockets of varying sizes. This level of flexibility redefines on-the-go hydration, allowing you to quench your thirst without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

Vapur water bottle standing up
The Vapor Water Bottle stands when it’s full and can be stuffed in a pocket when empty.

Our Verdict

Our Vapur Collapsible Water Bottles have become our go-to water bottles for any outdoors adventures.  Since we purchased them for our kayaking trip, we taken them along on camping trips, hikes, fishing trips, sailing trips, and kids’ games.  They are more flexible than any of our other water bottles and we can throw a rolled-up empty bottle in our backpack or purse to always have a water bottle on hand.  We also often freeze our Vapur water bottles and use them as ice in our coolers during trips.  They help keep our cooler cold and as the ice melts, we have cold water to drink as needed.

Maybe the best part of the Vapur Water Bottle is the price.  At just $10, the Vapur water bottle is a fraction of the cost of expensive Hydro Flask water bottles while being much more flexible and lightweight.  We think they are perfect for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, paddling, skiing, boating, and more.

The Bottom Line

As we all become more conscious of the challenges of climate change, we increasingly feel the need to play our part in living more sustainably.  Cutting down single-use plastics is a major way in which we can alter our lifestyle choices to make a direct impact on the abundance of plastics in our landfills and oceans. Rather than continuing to purchase cases of plastic water bottles, we can (and should!) find reusable water bottles that fit our lifestyle while allowing us to do our part.  For outdoor enthusiasts, we think the Vapur collapsible water bottle may be the perfect solution.

The Vapur water bottle is convenient, flexible, durable, and inexpensive.  It can be frozen. It can be thrown around inside your gear without worry of spillage or leaks. And when empty it can be rolled up and stashed in a pocket.  When you aren’t using it, it’s small enough to live in your backpack or purse to always have a reusable water bottle on hand when needed.  At $10 a pop, the Vapur water bottle is a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life and an even better gift for yourself.

Stay Hydrated!


Interested in other great gifts for outdoor enthusiasts?  Check out our Guide to the Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers.

15 Camping Activities to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

Kids having fun while camping
Nothing brings a family closer together than engaging in fun and exciting camping activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

When it comes to family vacations, few experiences can compare to the magic of camping. The smell of fresh pine trees, the crackling sound of a campfire, and the sense of adventure that permeates the air all contribute to a truly memorable getaway. But while the great outdoors provides a captivating backdrop, it’s important to have a plan of camping activities in place to keep the whole family entertained during your camping trip.

Nothing brings a family closer together than engaging in fun and exciting camping activities that cater to everyone’s interests. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 15 camping activities that are sure to keep every member of your family entertained, from the youngest to the oldest. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just looking to try something new, these activities will provide endless opportunities for bonding, learning, and creating lasting memories.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of camping activities that span different categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From nature exploration activities that encourage curiosity and appreciation for the environment, to water-based adventures that bring out the inner explorer, and campfire fun that ignites imagination, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also delve into outdoor games and sports that promote physical activity and friendly competition, as well as evening entertainment that allows you to marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

So, gather your camping gear, pack your sense of adventure, and get ready to embark on a journey filled with excitement and togetherness. Let’s dive into our list of 15 camping activities that are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained and create cherished memories for years to come.

Nature Exploration Camping Activities

Hiking: Discovering hidden trails and breathtaking vistas

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature is by going on a family hike. Lace up your hiking boots, grab a trail map, and set off on an adventure through the wilderness. Explore winding paths that lead to hidden waterfalls, climb hills that offer panoramic views, and encounter fascinating wildlife along the way. Hiking not only provides exercise and fresh air but also allows you to bond as a family while appreciating the wonders of the natural world.

Hiking is a great way to immerse yourself in the outdoors – especially if you prefer to camp with the luxuries of glamping or an RV. Getting out on the trail gets your blood flowing and forces you to experience the beauty of nature.

Family hiking on a trail in the woods together
Hiking not only provides exercise and fresh air but also allows you to bond as a family while appreciating the wonders of the natural world.

Nature scavenger hunt: Engaging kids in searching for specific plants, animals, or natural objects

Make nature exploration even more exciting by organizing a scavenger hunt for your kids. Create a list of items they need to find in the wild, such as different types of leaves, rocks, or animal tracks. Equip them with a magnifying glass, a notebook, and a pencil, and let them unleash their inner detectives as they search for these hidden treasures. Not only will this activity keep the little ones engaged and entertained, but it will also teach them about the diversity of the natural environment and the importance of observation.

Make sure to set some safety boundaries for your family scavenger hunt. Only hunting within the immediate area, not disturbing animal habitats, and even setting a timeline can help make keep everyone safe while on the hunt away from the campsite

Birdwatching: Appreciating the beauty of local bird species and learning about them

Birdwatching is a fascinating activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Grab a pair of binoculars, a bird identification guide, and head to a bird-rich habitat near your campsite. Spend some quiet time observing and identifying different bird species as they flutter through the trees or soar across the sky. Encourage your children to learn about their unique behaviors, calls, and habitats. Birdwatching not only helps develop patience and attention to detail but also instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

A bird standing on a tree branch
Birdwatching not only helps develop patience and attention to detail but also instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

By engaging in these nature exploration camping activities, you and your family will not only connect with the natural world but also deepen your understanding and respect for the environment. So, get ready to put on your hiking boots, sharpen your observation skills, and embark on thrilling adventures that will leave you in awe of the wonders that nature has to offer.

Water-Based Camping Activities

Swimming: Enjoying a refreshing dip in nearby lakes, rivers, or designated swimming areas

When the sun is shining and temperatures rise, there’s nothing more inviting than taking a dip in the cool waters of a lake, river, or designated swimming area. Find a safe and suitable spot near your campsite and enjoy a fun-filled day of swimming with the whole family. Whether you prefer leisurely floating or energetic splashing, swimming is a fantastic way to beat the heat and create lasting memories together.

Plan ahead and make sure to bring a towel or two. We LOVE the original towel by Nomadix. Nomadix towels are sand-resistant, odor-resistant, quick drying, and easily packable – making them perfect for camping.

Canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding: Exploring waterways and working together as a team

Take your water adventures to the next level by renting a canoe, kayak, or paddleboards and venturing out onto calm rivers, tranquil lakes, or even coastal areas if available. Paddle through serene waters, navigate gentle currents, and discover hidden coves and picturesque landscapes. Paddling not only provides an excellent opportunity for physical activity but also encourages teamwork and communication as you navigate together as a family.

A family of four on a paddleboard together
Paddling encourages teamwork and communication as you navigate together as a family.

Fishing: Teaching kids the basics of angling and appreciating the tranquility of the fishing experience

Fishing is a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Set up your fishing rods, bait the hooks, and cast your lines into the water. Teach your kids the basics of angling, from casting techniques to reeling in a catch. Fishing offers a chance to slow down, appreciate the tranquility of nature, and engage in meaningful conversations while waiting for a nibble. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of catching a fish and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

Successful fishing requires having the right gear and knowing of a few spots where fish live. Do your research to identify good fishing spots before you leave for your trip to ensure the most successful and exciting fishing experience possible.

Water-based camping activities provide a refreshing and exciting way to cool off and make the most of your camping experience. Whether you choose to swim, paddle, or fish, the water offers a whole new world of exploration and enjoyment. So, pack your swimsuits, grab your paddles, and dive into the wonderful world of water-based camping activities with your family.

Campfire Fun

Campfire cooking: Preparing delicious meals or treats over an open fire

Food just tastes better when outdoors and one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is the opportunity to cook and savor meals over a crackling campfire. Gather around the flames and unleash your culinary creativity with campfire cooking. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows for s’mores, grilling burgers and veggies on a portable grill, or wrapping ingredients in foil for a tasty campfire packet meal, cooking over an open fire adds a unique flavor and experience to your camping trip. Get everyone involved in the meal preparation and enjoy the satisfaction of creating delicious dishes together.

If you can’t get your kids excited about cooking, emphasize the fire element. Kids love fire and the opportunity to help build, light, and tend the fire might just get their attention.  Use the opportunity to teach fire safety as they enjoy watching their otherwise boring food be cooked by the flames.

Foil packets being cooked over an open campfire.
Kids love fire and will enjoy the opportunity to help build, light, and tend the fire.

Campfire storytelling: Sharing spooky tales or creating imaginative stories together

As darkness settles and stars twinkle overhead, it’s time to gather around the campfire for an age-old tradition: storytelling. Let your imagination run wild as you share spooky ghost stories, mysterious legends, or even create your own fictional tales. The flickering flames and the surrounding darkness create an atmosphere that enhances the thrill and suspense of the stories. Encourage everyone to participate and take turns spinning their own narratives, making it a memorable and interactive experience for the whole family.

Not great at coming up with scary stories on the spot?  We’ve got your covered. Check out this great list of campfire stores for kids of all ages.

Campfire games: Engaging in classic games like charades or marshmallow roasting contests

The campfire provides the perfect setting for bonding and laughter through classic campfire games. Play charades, where each family member takes turns acting out a word or phrase while others try to guess. Alternatively, engage in a marshmallow roasting contest, seeing who can achieve the perfect golden-brown marshmallow without burning it. You can also bring along a deck of cards for games like Uno or Go Fish. These simple yet entertaining activities foster friendly competition, create joyful memories, and bring the family closer together.

Campfire fun is an essential part of the camping experience. From savoring delicious meals cooked over open flames to spinning tales of wonder and engaging in exciting games, the campfire becomes the heart of the evening entertainment. So, gather around the fire, feel its warmth, and let the flames ignite not only your culinary skills but also your creativity and camaraderie.

Outdoor Games and Sports

Frisbee or catch: Playing toss games to improve coordination and have fun

When it comes to outdoor games, it’s hard to beat the classic fun of tossing a Frisbee or playing catch. Pack a Frisbee, football, or baseball and glove in your camping gear and head to an open area near your campsite. Engage in friendly competitions, practice your throwing and catching skills, and enjoy the thrill of running and chasing after the flying disc or ball. These simple games not only provide entertainment but also help improve coordination, teamwork, and physical fitness for everyone in the family.

Be careful to be considerate of other nearby campers when playing catch.  They may not be enthusiastic about a frisbee interrupting their peace and quiet. Make sure you have enough space to play and to make some errant throws that may go off course.

Soccer or volleyball: Setting up impromptu games in open areas

If you’re looking for more energetic outdoor activities, consider setting up impromptu games of soccer or volleyball. Find a suitable open area, set up makeshift goalposts or a volleyball net, and let the games begin. Engaging in team sports promotes collaboration, communication, and friendly competition among family members. Get ready to kick, pass, and score goals in soccer or bump, set, and spike in volleyball. These games offer a fantastic opportunity for exercise, skill development, and bonding.

Get creative with nature.  Find two trees to serve as your goalposts or string a rope between two trees to serve as a makeshift volleyball net. You don’t have to bring an entire field of gear to have fun outdoors.

Young man taking a picture with a camera while on a camping trip.
Photography allows you to create a visual diary of your camping adventure.

Nature photography: Encouraging kids to capture the beauty of their surroundings with a camera or smartphone

For those who have an appreciation for both nature and art, nature photography is a wonderful activity to engage in during your camping trip. Encourage your kids (and yourself!) to capture the beauty of the natural world through the lens of a camera or smartphone. Explore the campsite and surrounding areas, seeking out intriguing subjects such as vibrant flowers, stunning landscapes, or fascinating wildlife. Not only does nature photography encourage observation and creativity, but it also allows you to create a visual diary of your camping adventure that can be cherished for years to come.

Outdoor games and sports offer a chance to unleash your competitive spirit, enhance physical fitness, and revel in the joy of playing in nature’s playground. Whether you opt for toss games like Frisbee or catch, organize impromptu matches of soccer or volleyball, or capture the beauty of your surroundings through nature photography, these camping activities will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment and create unforgettable memories for the entire family. So, step outside, get active, and let the games begin!

Evening Entertainment

Stargazing: Lying under the night sky and identifying constellations

As the sun sets and darkness envelops the campground, it’s time to turn your gaze to the heavens above. Lay down blankets or recline on camping chairs, allowing yourselves to be captivated by the beauty of the night sky. Look up and try to identify constellations, trace the path of shooting stars, and marvel at the vastness of the universe. You can even use stargazing apps or guides to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the celestial wonders. Stargazing is a serene and awe-inspiring activity that encourages reflection and sparks curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

Turn off as many lights at your campsite as possible to allow you to see the stars even better. Stargazing while camping is also a great opportunity to help kids understand light pollution and why we can’t see all the stars back at home.

A sky full of stars over a mountain backdrop with a family enjoying a campfire together.
Stargazing encourages reflection and sparks curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

Nighttime nature walk: Exploring the campsite after dark, listening to nocturnal sounds

Embark on an enchanting nighttime nature walk to discover a whole new side of the campsite. As darkness settles, the nocturnal world comes alive with fascinating creatures and sounds. Use flashlights or headlamps to navigate trails, observing the shadows and listening to the symphony of night sounds. Keep an eye out for fireflies, nocturnal animals, or even the gentle glow of bioluminescent organisms. This unique experience will ignite your senses, provide opportunities for learning about nighttime ecosystems, and create memories of the wonders that come alive when the sun goes down.

We recommend venturing out on nighttime nature walks before telling scary stories around the campfire.  Right as dark settles in is usually best as kids’ imaginations won’t have yet starting thinking about what lies in the darkness.

Dad playing guitar behind a family enjoying a campfire while camping.
Take turns playing your favorite songs, singing along, and sharing your musical talents with one another.

Campfire music jam: Bringing musical instruments and having a sing-along session

Music has a way of bringing people together, and a campfire provides the perfect ambiance for a musical jam session. Bring along musical instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, or even a harmonica, and gather around the crackling fire. Take turns playing your favorite songs, singing along, and sharing your musical talents with one another. Campfire music jams foster creativity, evoke emotions, and create a sense of harmony and togetherness. Whether you’re strumming chords, belting out lyrics, or simply tapping along to the rhythm, the campfire becomes a stage for shared musical experiences.

If your family isn’t the musical type, listening to music on your smartphone or bluetooth speaker can be another great way to come together as a family through music.  Let everyone take turns playing music they like. Encourage a dance party to break out as the kids feel and respond to the music.  Be sure to load up your phone with some music before you leave home though as many campsites won’t have good enough cell service to stream from your favorite music platform.

Evening entertainment adds a touch of magic to your camping experience. Whether you’re stargazing, taking a nighttime nature walk, or having a campfire music jam session, these camping activities create a sense of wonder, connection, and relaxation as the day winds down. So, embrace the tranquility of the night, let the stars guide your imagination, and immerse yourself in the soothing rhythms of nature’s evening symphony.

The Bottom Line

As your camping adventure comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the countless memories and experiences you’ve shared as a family. The 15 camping activities we’ve explored have undoubtedly kept everyone entertained, fostering bonds, and creating cherished moments that will be remembered for years to come.

From the wonders of nature exploration activities, where you discovered hidden trails, embarked on scavenger hunts, and marveled at the beauty of local bird species, to the refreshing water-based adventures of swimming, canoeing, and fishing, you immersed yourselves in the tranquility and excitement of the great outdoors.

Campfire fun brought warmth and laughter to your evenings, as you cooked delicious meals over open flames, shared captivating stories under the starry sky, and engaged in friendly games and competitions that brought out the spirit of camaraderie.

Outdoor games and sports provided opportunities for physical activity, skill development, and friendly competition, as you tossed Frisbees, played catch, scored goals in soccer, and bumped volleyballs. And through nature photography, you captured the breathtaking moments and sights that will forever be etched in your family’s memory.

Finally, the evening entertainment of stargazing, nighttime nature walks, and campfire music jams brought a sense of wonder, tranquility, and harmony, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and appreciation for the natural world.

Camping is more than just setting up a tent and enjoying the outdoors—it’s about creating lasting connections and fostering a love for nature and adventure. By engaging in these 15 camping activities, you’ve not only entertained the whole family but also sparked curiosity, encouraged physical fitness, and instilled a sense of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

So, as you pack up your camping gear and bid farewell to your temporary home in nature, remember to carry these memories with you and let them inspire future adventures. Whether it’s another camping trip or exploring new horizons, may the experiences you’ve shared as a family continue to strengthen your bond and ignite the spirit of adventure within each and every one of you.

Until your next camping escapade, remember to cherish the moments, embrace the wonders of nature, and keep the flame of exploration burning bright.

Happy camping!