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Outdoor Gear Reviews, Tips & Adventure Stories to Inspire an Outdoor Life

Outward Spaces

Outdoor Gear Reviews, Tips, & Adventure Stories to Inspire an Outdoor Life.

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Outward Spaces shares stories of outdoor adventure -camping, hiking, fishing, sailing & exploring in hopes of inspiring others to get out and explore wild spaces themselves.

We also review outdoor gear that we’ve purchased and used to give real opinions on what equipment is best for outdoor adventure. 

We’re convinced that a life lives outdoors leads to better mental health while connecting us more deeply with nature and our need to protect it.

We’re also advocates for removing the barriers that keep people from spending time outdoors – fear, uncomfort, cost, stereotypes, etc.  We should all be able to explore the outdoors on our own terms and our own comfort level.

New to the outdoors? Awesome! We hope you’ll find information, advice, and experiences here that help make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable and more comfortable.

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Zack Newsome

Founder of Outward

Zack is a lifelong adventurer passionate about sharing the joy of the outdoors with others. He loves camping, fly-fishing, sailing, and exploring wild spaces.

He launched Outward in early 2022 to inspire others to spend more time outdoors – improving mental health and more deeply connecting with the environment.