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January 12, 2023

Review: OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning

Written by Zack Newsome
Updated on April 25, 2023
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OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning

This past summer, we purchased and installed the OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning on our overland trailer. What follows is our OVS Nomadic 270 Awning review, detailing our thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the awning.

As we were building our overland trailer, it quickly became clear that we’d need some protection from the elements.  Our kitchen pulls out from the side of the trailer and in times when we deal with rain or snow while out in the wild, it’s important that we can continue to prepare food, cook, and do dishes. Based in Arizona, it was also important to us to ensure we had some space to escape the sun on hot desert days.

We needed an awning that could be attached to our roof rack and extended when we needed protection from the elements. The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 LT Awning fits the bill perfectly for our needs.

The Verdict:

We LOVE the OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning. It wraps around 2 sides of our trailer providing 80 square feet of coverage for our side kitchen and rear storage areas. It’s extremely well-built and made of strong materials that look like they will hold up over time. It’s aluminum construction makes it lightweight and the included extendable support poles provide extra points of stability in severe weather. Rooftop awnings can be expensive, but the OVS Nomadic awning is affordably priced.  We highly recommend it for anyone looking to add some shade or weather protection to their overland vehicle or trailer.


OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning Review
Our OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning installed and opened up on our overland trailer.

“Batwing” awnings are brilliant – multiple supports, each with a triangle of fabric attached, unfurl creating a surprising amount of overhead coverage.  The Nomadic 270 LT awning is built with boxed aluminum rafters giving it strength while also looking really clean.  The five rafters feel solid and each rafter is connected to the canopy fabric with heavyweight hook and loop wraps. The aluminum design choice gives the awning robust strength while keeping its overall weight down.

The Nomadic 270 LT is strong enough to not need the included telescoping support poles under normal weather conditions.  If the weather picks up beyond a slight breeze, the support poles can be easily deployed to provide extra piece of mind and support to the rafters. In serious weather conditions, the awning can be further secured by utilizing its multiple tie-down attachment points, 8 included shock cord tie-downs, and ground stakes. In our testing, we didn’t need the tie-downs.  We really didn’t need the support poles most of the time, but when the rain rolled in, the poles were handy to ensure the weight of the rain didn’t cause extra stress on the aluminum rafters.

The two main support poles come attached to the bottom of two of the main rafters. They have a swivel at the top to allow the pole to pivot and are adjustable in length. They are easily stored overhead via hook and look wraps, but can quickly be unfolded in seconds when the weather surprises you.  Two additional support poles are also included with the Nomadic awning in a convenient carry bag that can be stored away for when the weather gets really hairy.  With various support options, we’re confident that this awning can stand up to all different types of weather.  OVS markets this awning as “four-season ready” and we don’t doubt this claim.  It’s a well-engineered and well-built awning.

The Nomadic 270 LT comes with 2 heavy-duty mounting brackets and all the necessary hardware to attach to various types of roof racks. You shouldn’t need to pick up any additional hardware to install this awning.

Weather Resistance:

OVS Nomadic 270 LT Awning Up Close
The Nomadic 270 LT’s aluminum rafters attach to the canopy fabric with multiple heavy-duty hook and loop straps.

The outer protective case/bag has held up well without any fading or damage even when stored outside through the brutal Arizona summer.  In the multiple rain storms we’ve used the awning in, it has kept us dry.  With 80 sq ft of coverage, we were able to prepare and cook full meals under the awning without having to adjust any of our routines.  It really does provide a surprising amount of space to be protected from the sun, rain, or snow.  We didn’t experience any leaks in the Nomadic 270 LT’s 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Cover or at any of the seams.

Without any support poles or tie-downs, the awning stood on its own quite well with little to no sag.  As storms rolled in, we set up the two attached support poles to give the awning extra strength.  With just the two support poles, the awning easily handled the heavy rain and increased wind.  In 95% of cases, we really don’t think the additional support poles or tie-downs are necessary, but the extra support is awesome to have on hand when and if needed.

Overall, this awning does what it’s meant to do – keep you out of the elements.  It does it well in our opinion. What it doesn’t do is protect you from the sides. To protect you from sideways rain, OVS offers walls that can be attached via zipper to the top of the awning.  If it makes sense for you, these walls can turn your awning into a fully surrounded tent.


The Nomadic 270 LT is built with quality materials.  The 600D rip-stop fabric combined with the all-aluminum construction leads us to believe that these awnings will last a long, long time.  The design of the various elements work really well and we couldn’t find one element we would improve on.  The outer cover is holding up well and keeps the awning well protected during storage. The mountain brackets have stayed rock solid in our use and our awning still looks brand new.

Setup & Pack Away:

Set up and take down is a breeze and can be done in a few short minutes.  After unzipping the protective bag, you’ll find the rafters secured in place with 2 straps.  Once these straps are released, the rafters can be easily unfolded like a “batwing” to realize its full size. The awning is held open by an included adjustable strap that attaches to the first rafter and to a forward point on your vehicle. To keep the awning fully open and taught, you’ll want to try a few attachment points to see what works best for you.

To pack it away, you’ll take off the holding strap, fold the rafters back into the protective case, and roll up the triangles of the canopy that hang down.  Once rolled, this fabric is secured along with the rafters with the 2 straps.  Zip the case back up and you’re ready to go.

Best Features:

  • This awning looks awesome. The black case is simple and understated when stored. We love the grey and aluminum design of the awning when deployed.
  • The size. The coverage of this awning (80 sq ft) is remarkable considering it’s just 83″ long when stored on your roof.
  • The aluminum rafters. These feel beefy, clean-looking, and lightweight. What more could you ask for?
  • The support options. We love that the awning has built-in support that can be deployed in seconds. Extra support can be added as needed.
  • The price.  We appreciate that OVS produces great outdoor products at more affordable prices. We hope they keep it up.

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Have an OVS Nomadic Awning?  What do you think about yours?  Let us know in the comments.

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