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November 10, 2022

Review: CLIQ Camping Chair

Written by Zack Newsome
Updated on July 11, 2023
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CLIQ Camping Chair

CLIQ Chair Review
The CLIQ chair is smart and stylish

In a world where camping chairs are a dime a dozen – cheaply made and inexpensive to buy camping chairs rule.  These days, you can head to any big box store and pick up lightweight folding camping chairs for under $20 (like this on Amazon).  We have a bunch of these types of chairs in our garage.  They are great to have on hand for extra backyard seating or a large-group camping trip. Though lacking in elegance or engineering, they do the job well enough.

But when it’s time to up your camping chair game, the market is a bit different. The step up to better camping chairs includes 2-person love-seat style chairs, sturdier built chairs that are also heavier and more unwieldy, and even chairs with complex gadgetry and gimmicks. These niche options are fine, but if you’re looking for a camping chair that is truly smart and highly packable, the CLIQ Camping Chair is the chair for you.

The CLIQ Camping Chair is a small camping chair that is the size of a large water bottle when packed up and sets up in just 5 seconds. It’s well-made of aircraft aluminum and nylon, weighing under 4 pounds. CLIQ claims that its chair is the “most funded portable chair in crowdfunding history”. Such popularity before it was even on the market proves that there are many of us out there looking for a better-engineered camping chair.


Cliq Chair Review
The CLIQ chair folds up easily into the size of a large water bottle

We picked up a CLIQ Chair this summer after seeing one in person at a kids’ sporting event. We were amazed at its functionality.  Our friend who had one casually pulled it out of her backpack and astonished us by unpacking it in seconds without any wrestling or wrangling.  The CLIQ chair we tried was comfortable to sit in and it made us feel like we were the coolest parents around the fields. We bought our own soon after and have since used it on camping trips, while fishing, for extra backyard seating, and for many more sports games. Without sounding too over the top, the CLIQ Chair is simply brilliant. Its portability is really where it shines. Easily packable in a small bag or backpack, you’ll take this chair more places and use it more often than your other, larger chairs.  It’s even small enough to carry by hand in when you want a chair, but don’t have a bag to store it in.

At around $100, it’s on the expensive side for camping chairs, but once you feel the quality materials in your hands and easily store it away without a thought, you’ll feel it’s worth every penny. This chair is built to last. You won’t be disappointed by spending a few extra dollars on it.

The CLIQ Chair is one of our top gifts for Outdoors Lovers in 2022!  See our full 2022 gift guide.


The quality of this chair is top-notch. Typical (cheap) camping chairs last a season or two (if you’re lucky) before the backing breaks or the legs warp into wonky disasters. The CLIQ Chair is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a solid push-button hub that locks the legs in place when deployed. The ballistic nylon is both waterproof and tearproof. Some “engineering improvements” make products more complicated, but the push-button hub and locking arms of this chair feel smart and intuitive. As I’ve said earlier, the CLIQ Chair will last – making its purchase a wise investment.

Cliq Chair Review
The CLIQ Chair logo on the chair backing


Size (packed): 3.4″ x 3.4″ x 13″
Size (opened): 26″ tall x 13.5″ wide
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Supports: up to 300lbs


If you are looking for a truly portable chair that will last, you should get a CLIQ Chair.  When thrown into a backpack, you’ll find ways to use it you wouldn’t normally.  Take longer breaks on hikes to truly enjoy your surroundings.  Lunch or snack breaks while fishing will be easier and more comfortable. And you won’t need the wagon anymore to bring your chair monstrosities to kids’ games anymore – just a small backpack carrying your chair.  When space and convenience are a premium, you’ll love having a CLIQ Chair (or two) on hand. The higher cost is worth it. You can buy the CLIQ Chair in 8 color options on Amazon.



The CLIQ Chair is one of our top gifts for Outdoors Lovers in 2022!  See our full 2022 gift guide.

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